Ontario Neurological Rehabilitation: Home Care Neuro-Physiotherapy

Missed Visit /Cancellation Policy

Your appointment time is held for you. Please understand that a missed appointment or late cancellation disables another client from accessing our services. As a result, cancellations less than 24 hours (unless an emergency), missed appointments or no show will be subject to the full session fees. We understand that last minute changes in your schedule are impossible for you to avoid, please plan accordingly for us to fill the appointment slot. We will attempt to remind you of your appointment a day in advance. However, do not rely on these calls to keep track of your appointments. You are fully responsible to keep up your schedule time. Please be advised that our front desk staff will apply the fees according to the above criteria. Any issues or concerns regarding payment of the cancellation fees should be brought up with your physiotherapist and escalated to the clinic director if appropriate. There is one time leniency for missed appointments. Upon repeated missed appointments this fee will be charged. This fee is not billable or payable by insurance. Patient with more than 2 missed appointments in succession will be discharged from therapy and referred to their Primary Care Provider.